This is a blog that I chronicle my outdoor adventures. Not only does it help share my wilderness adventures with any of you who love nature as much as I do but also it helps me put things in perspective. Life is short, and there are so many places to visit and explore, and it is extremely important to live a happy life.

My near-term plan is to backpack the John Muir Trail and other similar length trails, until I am ready for the PCT.

Every time I put on my hiking boots and hit the trail, I wonder what Mother Nature has in store for me. And I love capturing the beauty in every corner the mountains where I always find myself small and humble.

Would you care to follow me on this journey?

3 responses to “About”

  1. April says :

    Hi Peter,

    This is an amazing blog and well thought out plan, love reading everything is just brilliant. April

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  2. Jake says :

    Hi Peter,
    I saw your tweet about shinsplints—ouch! I’d love to offer you a pair of Bio Skin compression calf sleeves to help. Would be good for your training, running and hiking adventures.

    Basically I’m looking to provide a product sample in exchange for a brief written review and a minimum of 3 photos of you using the product. We will share your photos & review on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You can visit http://www.bioskin.com to view our full line.

    Email me if you’re interested.

    Thank you,
    -Jake, Bio Skin Marketing

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    • @ScorpioOnSUP says :

      Hi Jake. Thanks for the idea. My shin splint was mild one, so it’s sort of gone now, but I’m just curious… Because I have either plantar fasciitis or foot spur, I was wondering if you have anything for that… I use night splint and it has helped remove the morning pain. But the healing has been taking for ever. I saw something similar to night splint on your website but not quite sure if that would do the trick or eventually help me recover from the injury. Any thoughts? I wouldn’t mind helping you market them if there’s a way to help me recover from it. I’d love to run a marathon in next May…


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